How to Convert Convert wmv to mp4 Easily

A few people at work the other day raised concerns regarding the poor quality of their videos after the file is converted. The key to having top quality output after a video is converted is by using a professional and high quality video converter. It can be challenging to get that type of video converter. You may find ways to convert convert wmv to mp4 but how sure are you that its quality is top notch?

To ensure that you can convert videos effectively, use a converter that is proven to copy of the converted files perfectly. Also, the software you must choose should be able to convert files in three easy steps. These steps include the following:

converting video files1. The WMV files should be sent to the MP4 converter. There are two ways to do this; you can simply drag the WMV file and drop it to the software. Another option is to go to the “File” selection located at the right upper side of the software interface; click “Add Files…”. Batch conversion is an alternative choice where you can add and convert numerous files in one processing. The video converter that changes convert wmv to mp4 also comes with an option so you can choose the type of format you wish to convert your video to.

2. Select MP4 as the format of the output. Look for the format list of the software then click MP4. You will easily find the option under the “Common Video” area. There are the preset options if you want to play the converted files on different mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, HTC and others. By using this, you no longer have to apply settings like for the resolution, frame rate and others options. Find a converter of convert wmv to mp4 that allows you to have options to enhance your converted files through cool effects.

3. Change the WMV file to MP4. If the settings plus your file is prepared, it’s time for you to click “Start”. The conversion of file should start immediately and will be finished right after. Choose a video converter that is compatible with Windows XP/7/Vista.

To ensure that your converted file works properly, use a video converter that is compatible with your device. As an example, use a video converters that runs on Mac OS in case you are using a Mac.

Robots & Vacuum Cleaners

robots and vacuum cleanersRobot vacuum cleaners are quickly gaining popularity in this modern era. Though not as common as the typical best vacuum for pet hair like these ones, they are still pretty common in many homes out there.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are small, disk-shaped machines that can be programmed to vacuum floors and rugs on their own. They weigh just a few pounds, are only a few inches tall and have a diameter of one foot or so. Robotic vacuums machines are helpful and handy for busy people who hardly afford the time to perform their daily chores.
These vacuums offer autonomous vacuuming for every room, be it in the house or office. They function via sensors and electronic walls that enable them to sense the rooms they are supposed to vacuum.

Today, there are many robotic vacuum models with prices ranging from $50 – $2000, and this makes them affordable. They also take a longer time to vacuum when compared to regular vacuums; this is because of their slow travel time and their unpredictable patterns.

Advantages of Using a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Saving time – in this modern world, time is getting scarcer by the day and cleaning has turned into a time consuming and draining activity, especially in larger households. A robot vacuum will do all the vacuuming by itself and with very little supervision, if any. They are therefore great for saving time and effort.
  • Advanced features –robotic vacuums are endowed with advanced features that will generate a better clean. Some of these features are larger dust bags that can last for several cleaning sessions and the ability to move between the carpet and the floor.
  • The ability to detect changes between surfaces – a robot vacuum cleaner has highly advanced sensors that allow it to know when the surface has changed and therefore change it settings to suit the new surface.
  • Automatic recharging – robotic vacuums are mechanized to return to their docking station once they have completed the task. In addition to this, they can charge themselves automatically once they have exhausted the battery.
  • Virtual walls- setting virtual walls enables the vacuum to sense the rooms that it should clean and those that it should avoid.
  • Detects the area that needs thorough cleaning – these machines have sensors that will detect areas that need more cleaning and will repeatedly clean such areas until they are as clean as the rest.

Other advantages of using robotic vacuums are that they can even clean when you are away, they can last for years and can easily clean beneath the furniture and all other areas that a normal vacuum cannot.

Robotic mechanism may in future take over all industrial and household chores including baking and cooking. As it is, most industries already use robots to help in the manufacturing and packaging of their products. Faucet manufacturers are well on their way to producing robotic faucets seeing that they already have hands-free faucets that operate simply by sensing what the owner is trying to accomplish. Other highly advanced faucets change color with the temperature of the water. According to these manufacturers, this is not all; the best kitchen faucet manufactures still have more modern kitchen faucet ideas for the future.

Using IT Expertise on Household Appliances

steam mop repairI make no argument that I am the stereo typical gamer / IT nerd. My interests range from all sorts of electronics and computer tinkering so that makes me very useless when it comes to doing housework…. That is until said household appliance breaks down and I open up my computer tool box and apply my trade to the broken item.

In this case the appliance in question is a Bissell 94E9T steam mop which we’ve had for around 2 years. My girlfriend was cleaning the floor last Sunday when the machine started smoking and cut out completely, causing her to leave the machine for dead.

I decided I would take a look at it but as usual, nobody gave this poor nerd a chance of doing a real man’s job and fixing something around the house. So my girlfriend and I made a deal. We would be given 1 hour each. I would pull the machine apart and try to fix and she would jump online and spend an hour finding the best steam mop by reading some reviews at When the hour is up we either have working steam mop or a new one on the way!

I had no idea where to start really I jumped on the Bissell website for a few minutes but found nothing that could really help me out, so I just pulled it apart and started to look around. To be honest I got nowhere for a while but eventually I found a wire floating around which seemed to be the possible cause. It took me a while to find the spot it came from and by the time I had an idea my hour was up.

I conceded that I probably could not fix it so my girlfriend went ahead and brought a new steam mop. Now that the pressure was off I got a soldering iron out and reconnected the wires again. Since we the outcome didn’t really matter anymore because we had already decide to buy a new mop can you guess what happened?

SUCCESS! My nerd skills had paid off and I had proven myself to be a real man by fixing the machine. Now we have the issue to solve of having 2 steam mops. The new mop we brought was only around $100 so our plan is to keep it and dish it off as a gift or something later on.

This got me thinking about an idea for a DIY help website. I’m sure there would be many people out there that would have been able to guess what the problem was right away so it would be great if there was a general appliance trouble shooting website. Maybe even a forum or something where you could ask questions and work through problems. Most people would be able to easily make the same type of repairs that I made with just a few tools, and the site could even go further than just mops but it could cover all sorts of appliances.

I’m very sure that if I can troubleshoot and fix a steam mop almost anyone can!

HCG Injection Side Effects – Are there any?

While the majority of HCG diet reviews concur that HCG side effects are non-existent, there are medical experts who beg to differ. HCG diet is the most commonly sought-after fast weight loss plan on the market today. The regimen, which is divided into six different phases, enables you to lose up to 40 lbs. in less than 2 months. Then again, depending on your weight loss objectives, you can customize the plan to suit your needs.

Since the HCG diet promotes weight loss through the limitation of calorie intake, there are experts who believe that long-term use can trigger severe side effects, for example, organ failure. While it is true that prolonged use of this diet regimen can cause possible side effects such as headaches, irritation, exhaustion and dizziness, HCG side effects cannot be compared to the severity of those triggered by some other weight loss programs.

The side effects mentioned herein are minor and as such are not life-threatening. According to HCG diet info, it is believed that HCG diet is the best dietary plan in the world to can help you to shed large amounts of unwanted body fat quickly. Side effects like headaches and irritation are quite common during the initial 10 days since the body is yet to adapt to the decreased calorie intake.

If you were used to taking roughly between 1500 and 2000 calories per day, cutting your calorie intake to about 500 or 700 calories per day can cause slight dizziness and tiredness. But with time, your body becomes used to the decreased calorie intake thereby eliminating the HCG side effects you had been feeling.

HCG Side Effects – Good News

hcg injection kitThe good news is that the side effects of HCG diet can be treated with relative ease. As is the case with the side effects triggered by dietary supplements and fat burners, it is important that you consult a doctor as soon as you start feeling the side effects. By doing so, you will be preventing the negative reactions from getting worse.

There are solutions to every side effect caused by HCG ultra drops. Depending on how sensitive you are to HCG ultra drops and some of the foods recommended by the hcg diet protocol, your doctor may recommend a number of over-the-counter medications to manage the HCG drops side effects. More than often, your doctor will recommend allergy medications and medicines used to treat irregular digestion. As long as your follow the correct diet plan procedure and use the right HCG diet injection kit you should be fine.

Loose Pounds and Inches From Your Waist

The HCG diet has been used by millions of people around the world so there are many positive HCG activator reviews. 95% plus of HCG users have confessed to its effectiveness and reliability. There is no other diet plan that can enable you to shed up to 40 lbs in six weeks safely. Put simply, following this diet program will result in a massive loss in pounds and inches from your body.

It’s quite rare to hear of HCG side effects. Most of the HCG diet side effects that have been reported are mainly attributed to improper use. It is for this reason that you need to adhere to the instructions if you intend to use this dietary plan. But as pointed out earlier, should you notice any side effects, consult a doctor immediately. Moreover, you need to consult a doctor if you have any allergic reaction before taking HCG tablets or injections.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Using rugs on your floor to cover up bare areas is a great idea and it’s very common in most households that don’t have carpet, however, cleaning these rugs can be a massive pain. Most carpet cleaners will be able to come to your house and clean your rug for your but some do require you to bring the rug to their workshop. This can be a massive pain as these rugs can be very heavy if they’re large rugs.

The best option is to find a local cleaning in Naperville such as to clean your rug and that will come to your so you don’t that you don’t have to take you’re rug to them. It’s much easier to than wrestling with your rug to get it in your car and then drive through the traffic to get it to the rug cleaners workshop, not to mention the time your will save.

rug cleaning naperville ilMost mobile rug cleaners are also able to work around your schedule and even come to your place at night if that the best time for you. Many of the most reputable service providers also work on weekends so you we still go to work during the week without taking time off to deal with having your rug cleaned.

It’s always best to call a professional to come and clean your rug when the time arises and not to try to do it yourself. You may try to save money and go down this route but it’s always better to just call a pro and get the job done right the first time. If your try cleaning the rug yourself you will also run the risk of doing permanent damage and that will mean there will be spots on your carpets forever which is the worst possible outcome and should be avoided at all costs.